The Great White

Great White Egret

This picture of The Great White Egret was taken from the boat while cruising in the Mangrove Forest.  If you look closely you will see that this one is with her adorable little chicks in their nest.

In May of 2012 the first pair Great White Egrets were seen nesting in the UK for the first time!  These gorgeous white birds were spotted nesting with one baby hatched and mention of possible a second baby at the Shapwick Health Nature Reserve in Somerset.  Red the articles at bottom of this article for more information.

The Great White Egret stands over 4 feet tall with a wing span of more than 50 inches.  These beautiful birds with their grand size and wing span weight up to a mere 2 pounds.  In addition they can live up to 22 years also.

Sometimes confused with The Great Heron, The Great White Egrets can be distinguished by their yellow bill and their black legs and feet.

They are partially migratory.  Birds nesting in the Northern colder climates will migrate to the south for the spring and summer seasons.  Birds already nesting in the southern hemispheres will not migrate.

These stunning birds will nest in colonies and lay up to six eggs at a time.  They are not usually vocal except during their mating season when they often times will make a loud croaking sound.  Their nests are usually made of sticks and they nest in trees close to large lakes. 

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