sunset & dolphin Cruise – from RUMRUNNERS / Cape Coral


Advance Purchase is Required. Tours sell out well in advance!

Adults - $40 Children (3-11) - $35

Wee Ones (under 3 years) - $20

1.5 Hours

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Dolphin Sunset

Every night, nature puts on a dazzling show to end the day right here in Southwest Florida. People have traveled from far and wide to see our sunsets - there is nothing quite like it! Whether you are visiting, or lucky enough to call Cape Coral home, the show that nature provides as the sun is setting over the water never gets old.

There is such a special connection that humans have with dolphins. These graceful and majestic creatures have an intelligence unrivaled in the animal world, and it's their playful and social attitudes that make them such a loved marine species.

Dolphins love to put on a show! From blowing bubble rings to playfully leaping in and out of the water, dolphins are always entertaining to watch in the wild.

Dolphins play an important role in marine study, helping scientists further understand their species and other Florida marine life. These amazing creatures also act as a bio-indicator. Observing dolphins helps us to determine an environment's ecological health, even more reason to love and cherish these magnificent animals.

Nothing beats watching a Cape Coral sunset with your new aquatic friends. Come along with Banana Bay Tour Company to watch this nightly miracle take place from your comfortable seat on our tour boat.

The cruise begins in Cape Coral, FL just an hour and a half before sunset and meanders through the canals and down the Caloosahatchee River before arriving in the San Carlos Bay. Your captain will point out playful dolphins and other wildlife native to Southwest Florida as you make your way in the direction of Sanibel to watch nature's stunning salute to the sun.

Feel free to take as many pictures as you can, but also be sure to take a minute and appreciate the moment you're in, complete peace as nature fully surrounds you.

Listen to the symphony of nature as you experience the breathtaking beauty of a captivating sunset on the water.